One does not become a genius by copying a genius. One does not become an eccentric by copying an eccentric. (Perhaps it is a main characteristic of geniusses and eccentrics not to copy anyone.) On the other hand: Simply not to copy anyone does not yet make one a genius.

Geniuses, Eccentrics and Epigones

An attempt at zeroing in on the unanswered question: To experience together – to feel – to explore – to listen – to breathe – to live – to think Same direction without levelling On the emotional plain: to experience joy – to make the unbearable bearable – katharsis

"no doubt pleasant are the teares which Musicke weepes." (John Dowland)
The question remains: Why can positive emotions be experienced immeadietly in music, but negative emotions are changed?

What Is Music?

Photoshopped Schubert

Today, performances of classical works become more and more beautiful. While beauty as such is, of course, something very positive, it becomes, in my eyes, very dangerous indeed if it becomes the sole object and goal of a musical performance. Becaus ...